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Winter is coming, are you prepared?
Use or not to use? It really does not matter, what does matter is how you look after you and your bike during this cold, wet, sometimes salty period. Even if you're not planning to ride in Winter, there is still work to be done if you want to return to your bike in spring! For those who wish to ride throughout most or all of the winter here are some pointers to help you and your bike.
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Habits Motorcylists
SHOULD have!

Riding daily will help embed your technique into the memory of your muscles. If you ride every now and then, chances are you spend a good amount of the ride wrapping your head around operating the vehicle rather than paying decent attention to traffic. If that’s not the case then fair play to you. Riding should be reflexive, or as close to it as you can get. There should be very little thought involved about the bike and keeping your lines, so that you can pay attention to the road and have great situational awareness.

Happy Customers = Great Reviews

After receiving a puncture, Mark contacted his regular garage and learned they couldn’t fit him in until next week. Unable to continue with his long-awaited plans for that evening, he contacted us and explained his situation… Seeing the need for an “Emergency Booking” we offered to do the work he needed on that day as soon as he could get here.
Mark was so delighted with the quality of service and understanding he received from  all of us at Avsco that he promised to return for any work he needs done...

Review Of Scala Rider Qz

Bluetooth Headset


 Cardo Systems’ Scala Rider Qz is being sold as a modern communication system designed for solo riding, ensuring you are connected at all times. This is the lowest cost device on Cardo’s current motorcycle bluetooth unit line-up. This is a great bluetooth unit if you simply want to listen to GPS instructions, music and take or make phone calls.

About Avsco Ltd


AVSCO was formed in the 1980s as a mobile repair mechanic business and was moved to our current garage in Watford in 2001, where we provide garage services, Motorcycle sales and finance aswell as a wide range of gear and apparel. Avsco Bike Courses was founded in 2013 and the training takes place at Watford Fields School, within a stones throw distance from our garage and store. 


Motorcycle & Scooter



 Motorcycles are fundamentally more vulnerable to theft than most other forms of transport, but they need not be. The use of good, quality locks will reduce the chances of your pride & joy being stollen dramatically! It goes without saying that if you own a motorcycle or scooter, you should be using security products to reduce the ease of stealing your vehicle. Unfortunately, motorcycle security experts believe that well over half of all motorcyclists use no form of physical security other than the steering lock...

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The Absolute Beginners Guide
Getting On The Road


To be eligible to take your CBT, you must be at least 16 years of age and first have a National Insurance Number and a UK issued provisional license. One thing that not many people are aware of is that when you apply for a provisional license, you are in essence telling the DVLA (even if you haven’t) that you have read and understand the UK Highway Code. After you receive your Provisional License and can provide your instructor with your NI Number, you can now book your CBT.


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