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Motorcycles are fundamentally more vulnerable to theft than most other forms of transport, but they need not be. The use of good, quality locks will reduce the chances of your pride & joy being stollen dramatically! It goes without saying that if you own a motorcycle or scooter, you should be using security products to reduce the ease of stealing your vehicle. Unfortunately, motorcycle security experts believe that well over half of all motorcyclists use no form of physical security other than the steering lock, which itself offers very little resistance to a determined thief. 

Set yourself apart from those who have their motorcycles stollen regularly - USE SECURITY PRODUCTS! 

There is a general rule of thumb when purchasing security products. To secure you bike as best as possible, follow this rule and DO NOT be the person who saved a few pounds by ordering unbranded products on ebay only to then have their pride and joy stolen soon after. 

Look out for the International Test Standards Labels on ALL security products:

"Sold Secure is an independant, non-profit making organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by testing security products. The same methods of attack used by criminals on the street are replicated by Sold Secure in the assessment of security products. 
Many insurance companies offer substantial reductions to those who use SOLD SECURE APPROVED PROUCTS." - www.soldsecure.com

"Products with the Thatcham label have been demonstrated to comply with The British Insurance Industry's Criteria for Vehicle Security - The toughest set of standards ever to be applied to motorcycle locks and alarm/immobilisers. As a result, many insurance companies offer significant discounts to those who use these Thatcham Approved Products. " - www.thatcham.org

There is also other international approvals, such as "SSF" for Scandinavian approval, "ART" for Netherlands approval and "CLASSE SRA" for French approval.

You will notice that in general, products brought online through various ecommerce sites such as ebay and amazon, do not come with these labels. This is a general indication that those products will not stand a chance when facing motorcycle theives.

The Facts About Theft:
> It takes approximately 12 seconds to steal an unprotected motorcycle
> A Motorcycle is stolen on average every 14 minutes
> Less than 14% of stolen motorcycles are recovered
> Theft accounts for one third of insurance claims
> More than half of all motorcyclists neglect to use any form of motorcycle security

The first fact can be seen as the most worrying out of that list, and so to protect yourself further, we suggest you also look out for the "5 Minute Attack Tested" labels - These are an indication that Motorcycle Security Experts have attacked the product in question using the same techniques as a motorcycle thief would, using various different tools.

All of that being said, AVSCO Limited, being a collective of friends and family whom all ride motorcycles, all know about Motorcycle Security and the Products which could be the difference between £50 and £5,000. In recent weeks, we collaborated with eachother to form a list of money friendly, motorcycle securing products that we can provide for you. 


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